15 Best Stock Monitoring Apps of 2023

Your stock portfolio’s performance can have positive or negative implications depending on how well managed. Therefore, reviewing it regularly to stay aware of current events is imperative. You can grow your money by not just simpling lying in the bank accounts, you have to make money work for you, one simple and popular way, investing in stock markets. It is not easy at the begeining, so you can use these best stock monitoring apps that can help and educate you to be better at it.

Many stock monitoring applications today exist, but these top 15 Best Stock Monitoring Apps may be worth watching when investing. Each has its own special set of features to take note of.

Why You Need a Stock Monitoring App?

Being a investor, you need to be upto date with whats happening in the industry you want to invest in. So, these stock trading apps can help you to be better at it and give you edge on the knowledge.

Here are few things that can be done by these trading apps.

  • Gain real-time stock data
  • Keep up with the market
  • Analyze charts and trends
  • Learn technical analysis
  • Set up price alerts
  • Get news and research
  • Manage your portfolio

List of Best Stock Monitoring Apps

1. Acorns

Acorns is an innovative investment app that empowers users to invest their spare change from everyday purchases into exchange-traded funds (ETFs) tailored to their risk tolerance and investment goals. Connected directly to users’ bank accounts and credit cards, Acorns rounds each transaction up to the nearest dollar and invests the difference into ETFs based on individual users’ risk tolerance and goals.

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This app provide many investment options, from regular investing and lump sum savings plans to monthly fees calculated based on user account balances without minimums or trading fees incurred when opening accounts with them. This is one of the best stock monitoring app in the market.

Acorns goes beyond offering investing features; its financial education resources and rewards program provide additional perks and allow users to reap cash-back rewards when making purchases from partner brands.

Overall, Acorns can be an invaluable way for individuals with limited funds to begin investing yet who want a straightforward method. However, investors must remember that investing involves risk and consult their research before making definitive investment decisions.

2. Robinhood

Robinhood is an investment app with an intuitive user experience that enables users to buy and sell stocks, options, and cryptocurrency with zero commission fees. Users can track investments easily while creating watchlists and receiving real-time market data updates.

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Robinhood offers users additional features like margin trading and after-hours trading through “Robinhood Gold” for a monthly fee.

Also, it provides fractional shares that allow users to easily buy and sell smaller portions of shares at once, which makes investing easier even with limited funds.

However, while Robinhood may be a popular app, it has generated some criticism and controversy. Most notable are concerns over its perceived lack of transparency, its impact on new investors, and handling of outages and technical issues.

As is true of any investment app, it is vitally important that before making decisions regarding investments using our app, it’s wise to perform research yourself and consult a financial adviser.

3. Stash

This app empowers users to select individual stocks and exchange-traded funds (ETFs) tailored specifically to their interests and values for investment purposes.

Stash provides educational resources and personalized guidance to aid users in making well-informed investment decisions. The app features different account types ranging from individual brokerage accounts and retirement accounts for minors through custodial accounts to minor custodian accounts.

Stash’s Stock-Back(r) rewards program allows users to gain stock in companies they shop from by earning rewards with every purchase made using its debit card, with no monthly or overdraft fees for its debit cards.

Stash charges an annual subscription fee based on user account balance; no account minimums or trading fees are associated with Stash. Users should, however, be mindful that fees may be related to specific investments (for instance, ETF expense ratios) associated with Stash accounts.

4. Personal Capital

Personal Capital is an award-winning financial management app with various tools and services designed to assist users in overseeing their finances effectively. Users can link all their bank, credit card and investment accounts in one central place via Personal Capital for easy management of finances.

Personal Capital provides users with various features, including budgeting tools, investment tracking and retirement planning, and personalized investment advice. In addition, Personal Capital also gives a complete picture of net worth while giving insight into spending and saving habits. Which makes it one of the best stock monitoring apps in the market.

Personal Capital offers users access to expert advisors who offer tailored investment guidance and advice. When their account balance meets a threshold limit, Personal Capital grants users access to its team of financial advisors who offer customized investment guidance services.

Personal Capital offers wealth management services at a fee, while its app remains free to download on iOS and Android devices.

5. M1 Finance

M1 Finance stands out with its “pie” system, enabling users to easily build customized portfolios of stocks and ETFs using premade “pies” or creating their own. Once chosen, this app automatically invests your funds according to your desired allocations.

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M1 Finance also offers “M1 Borrow,” which allows users to borrow against their investment portfolio at low interest and reduced borrowing rates. M1 Plus charges an annual subscription fee and offers additional features like cash-back rewards and reduced borrowing rates.

It is free and has no trading or account minimum fees or minimums; however, users should be mindful that specific investments could incur costs such as ETF expense ratio fees.

6. Betterment

Betterment, founded by Jon Stein and Eli Broverman in 2008 in New York City, offers personalized investment advice and automated portfolio management solutions. The platform features personalised advice, and automated portfolio administration features for its members.

Betterment stands out among leading robo-advisors for its straightforward approach to investing. Betterment automatically rebalances portfolios for you and offers tax loss harvesting for tax savings purposes.

Betterment is an ideal platform for investors seeking an effortless investing experience. Their mobile app makes investing effortless, while they have various features perfect for beginner investors and veteran gurus.

7. Wealthfront

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Wealthfront is a financial services firm offering various products and services for its client base, such as stock monitoring apps.

Wealthfront stands out as an outstanding stock monitoring app on the market, boasting a user-friendly design and numerous features that make it stand out among competitors. Wealthfront is ideal for investors or traders interested in stock monitoring software.

Wealth Front’s app stands out among others by featuring:

  • Simply the best, with an intuitive user experience and comprehensive features – such as tracking multiple portfolios with well-designed charts and graphs

Wealthfront’s app offers easy stock monitoring with comprehensive features – making it the ideal solution.

8. Vanguard

Vanguard is an ideal stock monitoring app for many reasons. First and foremost, its usage is free, without hidden costs or charges, so you know you aren’t overspending for their services.

This app is extremely user-friendly; the interface is straightforward and easily navigable to locate what information you’re seeking quickly.

Vanguard app provides real-time data. This enables investors to react swiftly when changes arise in the stock market, and with Vanguard, you’ll always stay abreast of news and prices in an instant.

Their app offers numerous customization features. For example, you can set alerts on specific stocks, so you know immediately whenever there is any change and track multiple portfolios simultaneously so you can keep tabs on how your overall investment strategy is progressing.

It also provides outstanding customer support. If any inquiries arise or problems occur, know that someone will always be there to assist.

Overall, Vanguard is an outstanding stock monitoring app choice. Free to use and user-friendly, its real-time data feed gives accurate insight. Furthermore, customization options and customer support make Vanguard an outstanding option – perfect if you want a top-tier monitoring program!

9. Fidelity

Its Fidelity is a financial services firm which offers various products and services, including investment management, brokerage services, research reports and an app which allows its users to keep tabs on their investments and manage their portfolios.

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Fidelity Apps for iOS and Android provide users with various tools that help them watch over their investments, from real-time stock quotes and portfolio trackers to market news updates and alerts when certain stocks reach specific prices.

Fidelity’s app stands out among competitors by being free to use – without hidden costs or commissions to pay. All features can be accessed without incurring an extra cost.


ETRADE is an award-winning online brokerage offering investors powerful tools and resources to assist them with informed investing decisions. Their range of investment products spans stocks, bonds, mutual funds, ETFs and options, and numerous research tools such as market commentary, stock quotes and analyst reports – plus additional research tools like market commentary!

ETRADE offers online brokerage services and an app for mobile use that enables investors to manage and trade on the go from smartphones, such as iPhone, iPad and Android. With such robust functionality and features as this, investors have everything they need at their fingertips when investing with ETRADE!

This app gives users access to real-time quotes and trades, account balances and position information, and news and research updates – perfect for investors wanting to stay abreast of their investments while moving. Highly regarded by users! This tool offers investors everything they need for efficient investing while on the move.

11. TD Ameritrade

Thinkorswim by TD Ameritrade offers one of the best stock monitoring apps available today, with virtually limitless customization and access to multiple watch lists and portfolios on one screen. Quote charts can also be viewed in landscape mode for easier reading; quote layouts can even be saved for future reference – though we found its interface somewhat overwhelming for our tastestment decisions.

If you want a stock monitoring app that gives you real-time trading and stock tracking capability, TD Ameritrade could be just what you’re searching for.

13. Stock Rover

Stock Rover is an online app designed to track your portfolio, set price alerts and research stocks.

This stock monitoring app offers a free trial, enabling users to experience its features before committing to paying a subscription. Its user-friendly app boasts an attractive, simple layout for easy navigation.

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Stock Rover stands out among brokerage platforms by seamlessly connecting with them and providing real-time data about your portfolio – this makes for an invaluable tool for serious investors looking to remain up-to-date with their investments.

Overall, Stock Rover stands as our top recommendation when it comes to stock monitoring apps. Should you need one now, its user-friendliness, integration with various brokerage accounts, and free trial are hallmarks of excellence for stock monitoring tools. We strongly endorse Stock Rover as your go-to choice!

14. SoFi Invest

With SoFi Invest, it is simple and efficient to track all of your stocks, mutual funds and ETFs in one convenient place – including real-time market data and news! Staying abreast of what’s happening with your investments has never been simpler!

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SoFi Invest offers an ideal platform for novice and veteran investors, whether beginning or already experienced. Newcomers will appreciate its user-friendly interface that makes tracking investments straightforward, while experienced traders will appreciate SoFi’s real-time market data and news for more informed investment decision-making.

SoFi Invest is an outstanding stock monitoring app that anyone searching for one should consider.

Stock Hero is an app that meets these criteria in spades: user-friendly with an appealing, sleek interface, but more importantly, it provides essential stock information to enable sound investment decisions.

Stock Hero stands out from other stock apps by providing unprecedented details about each stock it tracks. Not only can you view its current price, but you can also quickly and easily check it is daily high and low, 52-week high and low and other data to quickly understand how it’s performing before making decisions accordingly.

Are You Searching for an Easy Stock Tracking App? Stock Hero provides simple navigation with detailed data gathered across iOS and Android.

15. Wealthsimple

Wealthsimple provides an accessible online investing platform, making the investment experience straightforward and efficient for a range of stocks and other securities.

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The app aims to assist users in tracking their investments and making educated decisions regarding where to allocate resources. Furthermore, it offers various features and tools to stay ahead of market movements to maximise returns from each dollar spent.

This stock investing app has long been recognized for being among the leading stock tracking applications available and has been featured by both The Wall Street Journal and Forbes magazine, among others.

This app offers an efficient and simple method to keep tabs on your investments and make informed decisions regarding where you should allocate resources.

Wealthsimple’s app is completely free to download and use, giving you easy access to all your investments in one convenient place. Plus, with features like automatic deposits available within Wealthsimple, Wealthsimple makes investing your money hassle-free.


Many people mistakenly believe that the best stock monitoring app is one with high price tags; this is only sometimes true! There are numerous great stock monitoring apps out there with reasonable costs that offer all of the features required by their users – make sure to read reviews beforehand to ensure that what you purchase meets all your criteria!

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