12 Best Receipt Scanning Apps Can Save Time and Money

Are you tired of searching through your purse or pockets after shopping to locate receipts after each trip? For an easier way to track spending, receipt scanning apps could provide the solution – there are numerous versions out there and we at BrokeandRich editors have curated this list to highlight 12 Best Receipt Scanning Apps to save both time and money!

Receipt scanner apps can help you keep tabs on your spending and stay organized, but with so many available it may be challenging to know which app will suit you best.

Our list of 12 Best Receipt Scanner Apps should help guide your search for just the right app!

Why Would I Need A Receipt Scanning App?

After making purchases, most shoppers don’t give much thought to where their receipts end up afterwards. You might toss them in your wallet or purse or file them away in an organized folder; but there is another use for receipts: scanning them into an app on your smartphone!

Receipt scanning apps are designed to help you keep an eye on your spending and earn rewards with each purchase. Simply take a photo of the receipt using one of these apps, and it will categorize and track it accordingly for future reference.

Budget tracking tools such as spreadsheets can be an excellent way of staying within your means, as you’re easily able to see where most of the funds are going.

Receipt scanning apps offer rewards to encourage the practice. For instance, scanning receipts could earn points redeemable for gift cards or cash back; making these apps an excellent way to save on everyday expenses!

Receipt scanning apps offer an effective solution for saving both time and money, so take some time to select an application that best meets your needs.

From receipt scanning apps that will do everything from simplifying shopping trips to making payments simpler – there is surely one out there which suits all!

12 Best Receipt Scanning Apps:

Here is our selection of 12 of the Best Receipt Scanning Apps:

1. Shoeboxed

Best Receipt Scanning Apps

Shoeboxed is an intuitive receipt scanning app which lets users take pictures and store receipts digitally for later. Furthermore, this tool offers features like receipt tracking which may help monitor spending habits more closely.

2. Expense Manager

Another great app for scanning and tracking receipts, Expense Manager allows users to input details such as amount spent and date of purchase as well as add notes about purchases made.

3. EZ Receipt

Ez Receipt is an effortless receipt scanning app ideal for those without extra requirements, enabling users to take quick pictures of receipts for digital storage purposes. The simple interface enables quick receipt snapping with minimal steps needed and storage.

4. Dext

Best Receipt Scanning Apps

Dext (Previously Receipt Bank) offers several features for managing receipts digitally. Users can take photos and store them digitally while tracking spending habits and creating expense reports with this application. One of the best receipt scanning apps in the market.

5. Smart Receipt

Smart Receipt is an app with various features designed to scan and manage receipts digitally, such as taking photographs of them for storage purposes as well as tracking spending habits and creating expense reports.

6. Mint

Mint is an all-in-one financial management app with numerous features, such as receipt scanning. With it you can take pictures of receipts to store digitally as well as track spending habits and generate expense reports. Mint is a most popular receipt scanning apps that you can use it everyday.

7. Fetch Rewards

Best Receipt Scanning Apps

With Fetch Rewards, it is possible to scan receipts and earn points that can be redeemed for gift cards. Plus, certain retailers automatically apply coupons or discounts when shopping through certain retailers – Fetch Rewards automatically applies them! In addition, using its mobile application you can track spending, set budget goals and more!

8. Ibotta

Ibotta is one of the top receipt scanning apps available today; its easy interface can save time and money when shopping.

Ibotta is a free app that gives users cash back for purchases they make. Simply take a photo of your receipts, upload them into Ibotta and they’ll give back cash–Ibotta has one of the highest paying cash back apps!

Ibotta offers access to thousands of stores and products, giving users an array of ways to earn cash back for purchases like grocery items, restaurant meals and online purchases. Plus travel, entertainment and dining activities qualify too!

Ibotta is an easy and straightforward way to save money, offering substantial returns when making purchases through its app.

Every savvy shopper should own Ibotta; its benefits extend far beyond convenience alone! For anyone serious about saving, this must-have can prove indispensable!

9. Dosh

This app makes earning cash back easy on everyday purchases by linking credit and debit cards for cash back when shopping, plus loyalty cards of your favorite stores for rewards at those locations.

receipt tracker

Dosh stands out among receipt scanning apps as one of the easiest and best-designed solutions available, offering cash back for everyday purchases while adding loyalty cards from favorite stores for even greater savings and rewards.

10. CoinOut

Are you in search of ways to save time and money? Consider CoinOut; an app which enables users to scan receipts and track spending – perfect for keeping tabs on finances without overspending!

CoinOut is a free application available on both iOS and Android devices that enables users to scan receipts using their camera phone’s camera and store this information into an account. Once downloaded, CoinOut allows users to create accounts and start scanning receipts – the app uses your phone camera’s imaging sensor for scanning purposes before saving all that info in their account.

With this app, it’s simple and effortless to track all of your spending. Categorized spending enables you to see where most money is being spent; plus the app has its own budgeting tool so you stay within your spending limits!

CoinOut can save both time and money. Designed with ease of use in mind, CoinOut helps keep track of finances effortlessly.

11. Checkout 51

Checkout 51 can help save both time and money when shopping groceries by providing cashback offers on many popular items like milk and bread, along with deals from specific brands or products – you can even store all your favorites for easy access in your account!

To use Checkout 51, download its app and create an account. After doing that, browse offers that interest you and add any that pop up onto your “checkout list.” Once shopping has ended, scan receipts with Checkout 51’s receipt scanner app in order to gain cash back – PayPal/gift cards/checks may all work, too!

Checkout 51 is an efficient, user-friendly solution to saving money on groceries. Offering hundreds of offers with its simple scan-and-earn system, Checkout 51 makes saving easy – start saving today!

12. Shopkick

Shopkick is an app designed to let users scan receipts and get rewarded for purchases they make – earning points with every dollar spent that can later be redeemed for gift cards or prizes!

Shopkick offers many other ways of earning points, too, like walking into certain stores to accrue points or by simply entering coupons in their app. Of course, rewards shopping is always fun but to maximize savings it is wiser to use Shopkick as an economical tool first and foremost by taking advantage of its features that allow price comparison and finding deals at participating stores.

How to use a Receipt Scanning App?

Consider these points when using receipt scanning apps to save both time and money.

  1. Verify whether the app supports your device.
  2. Take clear photos of receipts.
  3. Stay organized when saving and storing scanned receipts.

Once you find an app that suits you, be sure to read its “how-to” page so you can take full advantage of what it has to offer. When using receipt scanning apps for receipt scanning purposes, be sure to read any tutorial or “how-to” guides provided so you can utilize their full potential.

Here’s a tutorial of how receipt scanning with Klippa (one of the popular receipt scanning app) works:

When taking pictures of receipts, try taking clear images that include all four corners. Some apps require users to capture images both front and back for accurate documentation of transactions.

Before pressing “save” or “upload,” be sure to inspect that both image quality and text legibility is adequate. After scanning a receipt, either save it locally on your device or upload it into a cloud system for storage and access later.

Be sure to organize and store receipts so they are easily retrievable later.

By taking the time to carefully read through and follow these tips, you can ensure you’re taking full advantage of your receipt scanning app.

Doing this will save both time and money while making life a bit simpler.


And here they are – 12 top receipt scanning apps designed to save both time and money! We hope this article proved informative, and that one (or more!) of these applications can make life just a little bit simpler for you.

So the next time you throw away receipts, stop and think about how you could earn and save your money from doing it instead.

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